How Online Tutoring Fits into a Pre-pandemic, Mid-pandemic and Post- pandemic World

Posted by Heidi on May 27, 2021 1:24:39 PM

In What World Does Online Tutoring Fit?

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It’s late. They’re lost. Student closes the textbook and picks up their phone. Does this scene look familiar? Oh, wait! They’re not on social media; they’re getting online tutoring help from an expert tutor! Pre-pandemic, mid-pandemic, and post-pandemic; online tutoring is a fit, and here’s why.

What online tutoring means to them

Remember the uncertainty felt at the onset of the pandemic? Imagine experiencing that feeling throughout your academic tenure. With online tutoring, students can feel empowered rather than ashamed to ask for support when they need it most.

Anonymity, immediacy, and effectiveness are three pillars that app-based tutoring offers. Learning styles can change and evolve from one level to another. Students might not learn the same way in high school that they did in middle school. Students might prefer the auditorium-style classes at the college level, or maybe they dread them. What doesn’t change? 

  • Wanting academic help on their terms
  • Wanting academic help when it’s convenient to them
  • Wanting academic help anonymously

What happened before the pandemic?

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Do we even remember? 

Students went to school and had to balance their evenings with after-school activities, family time, traffic, personal obligations, homework, studying, and preparing for the next day.

What’s the one thing we all do in times of uncertainty? Pick up our phones and bury our heads from reality. Message-based tutoring fit then, and it still works now. It’s comfortable, familiar, non-invasive, and solves a problem.

What happened during the pandemic?

The world relied on technology to keep a sense of normalcy. Online connections became even more critical. Zoom fatigue became household terminology. What did we do after a long day of distance learning/working? We picked up our phones to feel connected.

There’s something comforting about being able to connect from the privacy of our own space without judgment and obligation. So what’s going to happen if and when this pandemic ends? Hopefully, fewer air hugs and zoom sessions.

Regardless, our digital nature will remain, and we will walk around with our phones glued to our palms and fingertips on our keyboards. Let’s remember this when we take the next steps to help students and meet them where they are. 

PhotoStudy gets it!

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At PhotoStudy, we understand that teaching is a helping profession, and you need time to recharge. We offer a solution to provide your students with expert tutors anytime, anywhere. We are all riding this pandemic like an ever-changing wave, yet learning is a constant.

Students get 24/7 secure access to PhotoStudy, giving you peace of mind that you’ve equipped your students with the tools for success. Online tutoring services work for over 1 million students, and it will work for yours too.

It’s not all about the students! We have TRiO Admins covered too! Reporting and security are of the utmost importance, and with PhotoStudy, you can have both. Save time and unexpected costs while you make plans for the semesters ahead. 


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