How to Help Students Succeed Beyond the Classroom

Posted by Pranav on Jun 1, 2021 3:38:50 PM

Did you know most of the learning for students takes place out of the classroom?

In-classroom learning is crucial and only one part of the puzzle that helps a student’s overall development and education.

This statement makes sense once we understand that children need practical experiences in a friendly and accessible environment to apply the concepts from the class in the real world.

Offer more student resources

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The primary way for educational programs and faculty to add to a student’s out-of-class experience is to provide more resources and opportunities for students to grow and apply concepts and learnings from the classroom.

These resources could include:

  • Off-site educational trips
  • Online group discussion platforms
  • Hypothetical projects
  • In-person tutoring or online tutoring support
  • College prep discussions
  • Seminars with professionals sharing their experiences

Such activities should be graded on attendance and not the actual performances or any other metrics. 

Thus, the environment created will ensure student success since students can now make mistakes and learn without affecting their grades.

How to implement these resources

Off-site educational trips

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Thinking about my school days, I remember that our class went on an out-of-campus educational field trip every semester. Years later, when I discussed the school days with my friends, these trips were always on the top of our minds.

Apart from some of these trips being fun, they took us out of the regularly scheduled class environment where we learned with our friends in group activities.

These kinds of activities enhance the learning experience for students, especially since they learn how to interact in groups and the art of collaboration. 

One can improve the learning experience further for kids if these trips are planned right after a related topic is taught in class. This opportunity gives the student more context to what they encounter in these activities beyond the classroom.

College prep discussions/1:1s

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Did you know that one of the most memorable parts of their lives has been their college years for many people? 

This is not surprising! 

College years are when a student experiences a whole new world and steps into being an adult. Therefore, one of the main areas of focus during

school years should be helping students be prepared for college both mentally and emotionally.

1:1 sessions with teachers, advisors, or life coaches are great options for preparing students for college. 

Not only does this help students understand what they are preparing for, but it also allows their mentor to understand the students’ preferences and goals. 

Having a mentor is an essential step for a student’s journey in the future as it lays substantial grounds for further student success and learning beyond the classroom.

In-person/ Online Tutoring Support

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Finally, let’s discuss what happens once your students leave the classroom and struggle with what they learned during their homework or assignments – Getting in contact with faculty becomes tough when this happens, especially in the evening hours when most students work on their assignments.

Tutoring is a super effective and helpful tool in this situation! Both in-person and online tutoring platforms help reinforce classroom learning to homework, exam prep, and general understanding. 

These tutoring options are critical when students are not confident enough to approach their teachers or need help after-hours.

Equal importance should be given to education both in and out of the classroom. 

Programs and colleges play a huge part in helping students go through this experience and must include different types of resources/activities to help a student get the best out of this learning experience.

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