8 Tips to Prepare Students for a Tutoring Session

Posted by Oindrila on Mar 25, 2022 2:26:16 AM

Did you know that working with a tutor helps students excel in their subjects? Tutors can improve the effectiveness of tutoring sessions by preparing students for them. Students are advised to follow specific steps to prepare for a tutoring session to get the maximum benefit from tutoring sessions, whether online or in-person.

Following are a few tips for preparing students for a successful tutoring session.

1. Set expectations on what material will be discussed in class: This helps students mentally prepare and organize their study schedules and plan accordingly.

2. Share a list of materials to be brought to class: This includes the course syllabus, books, notes, or other materials. Also, advise students to bring food, water, and snacks so that they do not feel hungry and get distracted during the session.

3. Set expectations on what students should do before coming to the session, such as reading assigned material or preparing a list of questions: Pre-session exercises prepare the student to absorb the tutoring lesson better.

4. Encourage students to ask questions, so they do not feel shy participating: Some students may feel nervous or uncomfortable asking questions, but tutors can encourage shy students to participate by prompting them to ask questions in class.

5. Guide students on how to structure their questions: Students must ask specific questions relevant to the topic to ensure tutoring time is not wasted. Therefore, you can provide a template of structuring questions to ensure that the question is straightforward.

6. Remind students to reduce distractions that may distract them from the session: Anything that distracts students must be put away, such as cell phones, excess material, etc.

7. Give out clear instructions on the assignment or next steps for the tutoring session: This step ensures that students revise through the material of the tutoring session, which helps in better retention and preparation for the next session.

8. Supplement in-person tutoring: Provide students with resources that they can use outside of in-person tutoring sessions to help them advance in their studies.

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