The Effects Remote Learning Has On Students

Posted by Ishan on Apr 15, 2021 10:31:26 AM

The Effects Remote Learning Has On Students

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This past pandemic year tested our education system more than ever before. Living through a pandemic has changed and shaped the way education will look in the future. Remote learning has arguably been shown to both work and not work at the same time. It all depends on the segments of the population you are referring to. 

For example, MBA seekers could take advantage of the disruptive Quantic MBA program, which provides a premier remote MBA program at little to no cost. However, undergrad and below students suffered. 

The differentiator was simple: technology and innovation. Quantic was made to be remote, so it was well ahead of the curve and prepared. Whereas many other education systems simply held classes on Zoom, hoping and waiting for their normal lives to be restored. 

However, two questions remain:

  1. When will we go back to in-person instruction?
  2. How can we be better prepared the next time we’re forced to learn from a distance?

How online education has changed the learning experience  

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Remote learning has led to a myriad of issues for students. They are exhausted from sitting through Zoom classes for hours on end each day and are tired of Zoom group work. And they are tired of Zoom tutoring sessions where they have to tell their tutor that they wrote down a 3, not a 5, or a plus sign, not a division sign. Zoom fatigue is real, and it has taken a toll on students all around the world.

Additionally, the lack of student engagement is quite apparent, as students either do not show up to class or merely have class up on their computer while watching TV and not paying attention. There have even been instances where groups of students cancel class on their teacher by emailing and saying they do not want to show up today.

Homework Help

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To make matters worse, homework help has witnessed similar effects from the switch to online education. During the transition to distance learning, tutoring, for the most part, was left in the dust in terms of innovative online education tools. 

Most education systems set aside specific hours for students to have Zoom tutoring sessions with an academic expert, and as you might imagine, it didn’t work out all too well for a couple of reasons.

First, students are already on Zoom all day, so they’re tapped out by the end of the day. 

Second, students have after-school responsibilities and cannot make it to those designated hours, which can only be so flexible because of the tutor’s own schedule—the result is that masses of students are negatively impacted by online education.

PhotoStudy: Bridging the Zoom gap

PhotoStudy app process

To overcome this significant tutoring obstacle, many schools have begun to use PhotoStudy’s tutoring platform. The platform is 24/7, removing the scheduling and accessibility obstacle, and is chat-based, eliminating any Zoom woes. 

Most students use the platform between 8 pm-12 am when little to no tutors are available for a Zoom call and when they are already in their pajamas and not dressed for a video chat. 

All students have to do is open the application, and with the click of a button, they are instantly connected to a live expert on the other end. This student-centric approach is much needed if online education tools are to overcome the hurdles of remote learning.

Watch a student Demo!

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